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Mission Equality 

My mission is equality... and I will work hard to create a worthy present for Puerto Rico, where our children grow up in an environment of parity and prosperity. I want to see Puerto Rico consistently progressing, being competitive at the national and global level, with political stability that attracts future development opportunities and investments. 

For this new mission, I am not coming to improvise or learn. I know the Federal Government, its agencies, and how Congress works in Washington, D.C. I have worked in the Government of Puerto Rico and know firsthand the needs of the people. 

Therefore, thanks to the work of our Resident Commissioner and future Governor, Jenniffer González Colón, in December 2022, Congress said NO to the colonial option known as the ELA. And now is the time for the entire statehood movement to unite and let Congress and the Executive know that Puerto Rico has already decided... Puerto Ricans want STATEHOOD NOW! 

Read the Objectives of Our Mission

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