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My mission is Equality... 

Those who know me, understand that I have always believed in and fought for the principles and values that forged the New Progressive Party. These aim to ensure the continuous progress of each Puerto Rican by improving their quality of life, meaning their economy, health, safety, education, in short, their well-being and tranquility, in every sense of the word. And these benefits and opportunities, to which we have a right as American citizens, can only be achieved through statehood. To achieve this desired well-being, I want to serve once more my beloved Puerto Rico, by taking a step forward and becoming its next Resident Commissioner in Washington. From there, I will work tirelessly to achieve the EQUALITY we deserve, convinced that we will achieve a bright future as a people, in permanent union with our American Nation. 


I am a public servant at heart, and my call to serve as a military member has led me to defend the values and principles of our Nation. I am convinced that in Congress they will recognize and honor my service, as they do every day with dozens of other veterans who have been and are currently honored to hold a seat in the Federal Capitol. Everyone there will be convinced that I am a man who has bravely defended and served the United States. And that is respected. 


The above, along with my executive experience at the federal and state level, will allow me to talk, face to face and with my head held high, with congressional leaders and the White House. In this way, we will ensure they understand that a vigorous Puerto Rico, with the rights and benefits that other states boast, will mean a strengthened American Nation. 

Mensaje en el día de la Ciudadanía

Mensaje en el día de la Ciudadanía

Mensaje en el día de la Ciudadanía

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